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Topic Lincoln Heritage Trail Part 4 (Coles County Thomas Lincoln Farms)

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sign . . . The Lincoln Log Cabin State State Historic Site, near Lerna, Illinois

Photos of Lincoln Log Cabin by Howard Taylor, Spring 2009


Thomas and Sarah Bush Lincoln 4th Farm Site in Coles County

       Our President never lived here, but was known to visit on occasion, and would visit his step- mother, Sarah Bush at the Moore House, before leaving for Washington D.C. upon his election as President.  Much history occurred in and around Charleston.  It is a major section of the Lincoln Heritage Trail.  Thomas Lincoln and his family would separate from the oldest son, Abraham who desired to go his own way, to make his own fortune.  The winter in the Macon County log house was devastating and the Lincolns headed back to Indiana.  On the way back they stopped in nearby Coles County, where friendly neighbors there would convince him to give that area a chance.  The Lincolns, without Abraham, would live in three cabins and on three farms before settling at Goosenest, near Charleston.


       Now known as Lincoln Log Cabin Historical Site, once a walk-through and view log farm, is now a living farm with animals, crops and interpreters.  The new visitor center has a large hands-on and visual museum and a video history presentation.


An original photo of the Lincoln Log Cabin occupied by Sarah Bush Lincoln until the 1870's


Photos of Thomas and Sarah Bush Lincoln, parents of Abraham Lincoln.  Both would live their last years at Goosenest Farm, near Charleston


Lincoln Log Cabin State Historical Site
. . .has several interesting Lincoln era (1845) objects and actual sites



The old Well Pump Apparatus (usable)


        The Rebuilt Lincoln Log Cabin was constructed by the CCC boys during the 1930's.  It is as close to correct as could be done.



       Lincoln Log Cabin Historical Site has a moving wagon (above) used by the Lincolns to move into Illinois in 1830, and a Conestoga Wagon displayed in front of the visitor's center


Left: Cabin view with Thomas walking in back


The farm as viewed from the west (backside)


       Thomas Lincoln (right) visiting with Stephen Sargent, fellow neighbors and farmers in the Goosenest Farm neighborhood.  The two men operated their farms in very different ways.  The nearly life size murals and the video presentation, plus a myriad of other displays describe early 19th century life in Central Illinois.



Cabin at center, with wild flowers and split rail fence.

Near the Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site is the Moore Home

Abraham Lincoln's last visit to Central Illinois

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