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Topic Sixty-four:  The Navy and Ironclads in the Civil War

Ironclads of the Civil War Learning Activity

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U.S. Civil War Naval Ships, Men and Battles--Confederate and Union
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The turning point of the Civil War Naval War


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A . . . Before reading about John Dahlgren, a knowledge of military armaments will help in understanding the mind and invention of Dahlgren "soda bottles."  There were several cannons, rifles and mortars.  Go to Civilwaracademy.com for a listing of Civil War large cannons. Examples of Civil War Artillery including:  Parrot Rifle Whitworth Cannon, Napoleon Cannon, Ordnance Rifle and the Dahlgren.

B . . . Siege guns were the big guns mounted on river rafts, large boats and in the ironclads were used to destroy forts, sink enemy ships, and bombard land sites such as in sieges.  There were siege trains for both Union and Confederate forces.  Siege guns included large cannons and mortars.  Read about siege guns and mortars and compile facts. 


C . . . Tredegar Iron Works and West Point Foundery were where the iron cannons and the iron sheets for ironclad ships were cast.  The northern states had the industry including iron works and foundries, and the south had plantations for cotton.  With the Blockade,  the south could not make cannons and ironclad ships.  Visit sites for each for information about each.  Compile facts about each of the northern factories and make a presentation by computer or a poster. 


D . . . The Dahlgren was invented by Rear Admiral John Dahlgren.  Go to "The Sound of Guns Civil War" site for information.  A History of the Dahlgren cannon is also at "The Sound of Guns Civil War: site. 

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Check the U.S. Navy Civil War Sesquicentennial Blog Site for a Series of Articles

Use "New Technologies of the Civil War" for Information

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