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Choose at least "3" great or small inventions of the 1800's and complete the information form provided
Many important things were invented in the 1800's.  Abraham Lincoln even was involved in the process.  Find out what he invented and had patented.
After you finish the "3" information form, make your own "invention."  It should be something that would help either a "pioneer" person or a "city" person. 
Invention Information Form
Print one of these for each of your chosen Inventions and fill-in

Your Name:_______________________      Invention Number: 1        2         or     3  (Circle which one)

Invention Name: 


When was it invented?


Who invented it?


What does it do?


How is it important?


Do we still use it today?


Has it changed much, if still used today?


Is it a good invention?  Why or why not?


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