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Inventions and Inventors during the time of Abraham Lincoln

Basketball Game

John Deere Plow
Complete the Information Forms about  "3"  1800's-period Inventions and make your own invention!
Sewing Machine
"19th Century Inventions and Inventors" Website Enchanted Learning "African-American Inventors" Site
Abraham Lincoln, the only 
President to invent and patent something

See a Model of his Patent
Local Illinois Inventor invents the first automatic dishwater
Inventors & Inventions 

Inventors & Inventions 

U.S. Patent Office Kids Page
Before going to the "Your Job" page  do the following: 

1.  Visit the Inventors and Inventions sites above; 

2.  Look them over and select three inventions that really seem interesting to you.; 

3.  Cut and Paste the particular articles for the inventions you choose for later reference; 

4.  Read the articles carefully and then use the answer form. CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM

5.  After finishing the three forms follow the directions in the red box below.

6.  Be an Inventor . . .

After finishing the three information forms about the inventions you chose, Make up your own invention and tell about it.  You can either write a story with some pictures, make a poster, or even make a model.  You must be able to fill out an information form the same as the "Old Time" inventions you read about. 
---Your invention could be for the 1800's or for today. 
Have fun being an inventor!

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