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Questions and Answers Concerning
the Gatling Gun


Print this page and write your answers in the answer column

1.  The Gatling Gun is considered the first _____________ gun. 1. 


2.  Who Invented the Gatling Gun? 2. 


3.What else did Mr. Gatling invent that was important? 3. 


4.-6.  Name 3 U.S. Army officers that purchased and used the Gatling Gun in the Civil War.  Would the U.S. Government purchase any? 4. 




7.  How many barrels did the Gatling Gun have? 7. 


8.  How many rounds (bullets) a minute could each barrel shoot? 8. 


9. When did the Gatling gun finally get acceptance by the U.S. Government for use in the military? 9. 


10.  Name some present-day models of the Gatling gun? 10. 


11.-14. Mr. Gatling had a factory which produced the Gatling Gun, but also some other products.  What were some of these products? 11.





15.  When did Mr. Gatling die?  15.


The last thing for you to do is to draw and color a
Civil War Battle scene with canons, soldiers, flags, and of course the Gatling Gun
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