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    After futile pleas to the border states to free slaves voluntarily, Lincoln in the summer of 1862 decided that emancipation was a military and political necessity. The Emancipation Proclamation transformed the war from a conflict to save the Union to a war to abolish slavery. It authorized the enlistment of African Americans; 220,000 served during the war, helping to ensure the destruction of slavery.  This was the big political event during the Civil War.

  Political Consequences . . . has good descriptions of the points listed

1. Response to Secession-- The First Inaugural Address
2. Marshalling the American Economy


3. The "United States Note"

4Dissent on the Home Front



5. The Problem of Slavery during the War

6. The Homestead Act of 1862

offered free public land to western



7The Morrill Land Grant

 Act of 1862



8. Conducting the War


9. The Emancipation Proclamation,



10. The 13th Amendment


President Lincoln would be elected to a second term against a popular George McClellan (former general under Lincoln).

Your Job:
Study how Abraham Lincoln could maintain the leadership to "cause" all these great political events to occur.  The Civil War was not popular with all people, and when conscription (the draft) was initiated, many citizens up-roared and protested.  Lincoln and the Union Army remained on-task and would of course win the war.  Just looking at the figures of killed soldiers on both sides, this war had more American deaths than any war before or after.

Take each of the three important political accomplishments listed above and complete the information table:
[Use the links above to read about each and answer the questions]


Political Action:




When did this occur, and what was did it accomplish?


How does this Action effect us in the 21st Century?


Homestead Act
. .
Emancipation Proclamation


. .
13th Amendment
. .
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