Where are you going?   "Nowhere, I would answer."
The Whole Story of the Nowhere Starts with a Charleston Teen Band, The Jesters

This is the collection of photos and other items I have.  If you would like to add to this collection, or have a story about your younger life going to the "Nowhere", email me at,  and I'll see about posting them.

The Jesters
A small Charleston band with the short Beatles Hair cuts.
Charleston High dress code frowned on these mop hairs.
Louise (Red's mom) would settle with the superintendent by having a little cut off, and a lot left.

Performing "live" on stage at the Will Rogers with
A Beatles short

From left, Jan Gordon, Dick Smith, Jimmy Hite and Red Taylor

At the Moose Lodge, Charleston for a party

At a high school gig (maybe Oakland?)
Red Taylor, Jimmy Hite, Dick Smith, and Jan Gordon

During the summer of '66, the name would change to Rhythm's Children.  Don Decker was probably responsible for the new name.  He was a folk singer and gave short mini-concerts during breaks with his folk music.  I loved his 12 strand guitar.  Many members would join and leave the Rhythm's Children.

For more go the "Rhythm's Children" Photo Album.
The Nowhere had not opened during the Jester's short history.