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Let's give a "Stump Speech! 1819, With Abe Lincoln


Abe loved to tell stories and give "great" speeches on top a tree stump, or anywhere where his friends would listen.  He would like for you to join in with him in making up some good speeches. 

1.  Using a story, such as a popular Aesop's Fable, or a Political Theme of some local thing going on, plan out a short "Stump Speech" in which you will try to inform the audience, maybe convince them of your viewpoint, or just "entertain."    Even if entertaining, your Stump Speech should have a purpose. 

2.  Talk loudly and clearly so all your audience can hear and understand your speech.  Don't talk too fast. 

3.  Present your "Stump Speech" to the class.


Speak from a Stump!  Speak from a Stump!    
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