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Sand Creek Church of Christ
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An Illinois Pioneer Church with a Bright Future

The History and pictures of this old abandoned Church Continues
Enjoy a Visit to an ancient Church in Central Illinois

Important in that it had thousands of members and hosted a 19th Century "Camp Meeting" of thousands
Hear about its start, heyday, and demise.

The building has some wiring in it, but no electricity while cleaning.  The arched window above the old original doors creates a nice 19th century construction style.  The greatest feature of the building are the original pews and pulpit.
It was a great day. For a decade and a half, protracted meetings had been held at the old church for the purpose of Christian fellowship. But this day held more in store. For today, with the building overflowing with humanity and more pouring in, would be the culmination of all the years of effort at Sand Creek.
It is difficult for modern people to realize how going to church and the "protracted" area revivals of up to three weeks, could be a major thing for life.  We just don't have time now for such devotion.
Sand Creek Church of Christ summer camp meetings were evidently very effective and popular, but "division" would ruin all.

A view through a side window to the Sand Creek Cemetery.  The original
pioneer cemetery is located nearby in a field.

Sand Creek Church of Christ in the 19th Century was typical, but atypical.  It was typical because it represented the most important life-activity for the area people:  going to church and worshipping.  There was no TV, radio, fast cars, or any of the modern entertainment activities, so family and church were number one.
Often whole families would be baptized by immersion in Sand Creek whenever the "preacher" would come and evangelize.
The dead were laid to rest in the cemetery, with hopes from the families that their souls were "ready."

The original pulpit is very narrow, both width and depth.  A modern Bible support was added on top.  I had to reset the pulpit in position, as it had been toppled.

No doubt much good and strong preaching was given from this ancient pulpit.  Attention would be given by all in the audience, and sleeping, "fooling around," or misbehaviors were not allowed.
I imagine that the preaching of old would come off as stern in today's society.  Often-times our modern preachers will desire to "tickle the ears" of the listeners with good stories and sometimes jokes.
Sand Creek Church was a popular church congregation with good evangelizing as that it grew so large that satellite congregations would have to be started all around the area.
Sand Creek's demise would occur because of the last members passing, and the remaining ones giving up on keeping the building open. 

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