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Robert Root Signing as appears on the 1918 landscape provided by John Armstrong, below.

Note the Impressionist paint strokes.


Chautauqua Auditorium Forrest Park at (circa 1903) 655 East North Ninth Street, Shelbyville, IL . This auditorium, as listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was once the center of culture and entertainment in the community, hosting such famous speakers as William Jenning Bryan, Rev. Sam Jones, Billy Sunday, and Carry Nation. The building features a bowled floor with seating for 5,000, a 36-foot by 36-foot stage area with 2,000 square feet of floor space, and an orchestra pit that once held 20 musicians and their instruments. Grecian statues representing art, music, and drama sit above the stage were designed by Robert Marshall Root. The design of the round structure is so unique, it is the largest building of its kind anywhere in the world.


Robert Root was called upon to design a classical motif stage and sculptural group for the Chautauqua Auditorium in Forest Park, Shelbyville, Il 


Robert Root sculptures located above the stage in the Shelbyville Chautauqua Auditorium.

These photos were sent by Ron Ghere and photographed November, 2011

Thanks to Ron for these great closeups.

Photo by Ron Ghere
Photo by Ron Ghere
Portrait of EIU's first president, Livingston Lord
Located in Old Main at EIU, Charleston, Illinois
"Shelbyville on the Kaskaskia" 
Portrait of Charleston Impressionist Style Painter Paul Sargent
Tarble Art Center, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois

Robert Root and Sargent were members of the Indiana "Brown County Painters Association"
Root's "October 1st"  Landscape
Located in the Tarble Art Center, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois
Robert Root's Painting of the Charleston Lincoln-Douglas Debate, now located in the Governor's Office, Illinois State Capitol Building, Springfield

Robert Root was a resident of Shelbyville, Il, and was commissioned in 1917 to paint a scene of the locally famous "Lincoln-Thornton Debate."  No written records of what was said at the Debate occurs, but modern-day residents of Shelbyville re-enact the event yearly.  Lincoln had many local debates with area politicians.

A new Root painting image sent to me by John Armstrong.

He says that the painting is signed and dated 1918.

It has no title, but is very obvious what its beautiful subject matter is.

The Soldiers & Sailors Monument, designed by local artist, Robert Marshall Root, is located in the Lincoln Public Square, Shelbyville, IL. This public square, erected in 1907 in memory of the Soldiers & Sailors of Shelby County, has always been a source of pride throughout the county.

Forest Scene,
dated 1929

Still Life with Vase of Flowers
are signed, but not dated

Forest Scene,
Dated 1931

Girls in a Garden of Hollyhocks, 1917 


This painting is owned by former Windsor, Il residents, the Dowlings.




Landscape #1 & Landscape #2 were sent to me from Susan Larson of Susan Larson Fine Art

Very beautiful fall landscapes

They measure 12"& 14"

The paintings are on canvas boards.  The surface of the
canvas board is textured, and the brush-stroking has some impasto and brilliant red orange pigment.
One of the paintings is signed
Robert M. Root
June 23,  37

Landscape #2

If painted in 1937, at least one of these were painted during the year of Root's death.

Lincoln Log Cabin (Indiana Cabin)

Sent to me from Russ Muth, who says that this painting and the Lithia Springs painting have been in his family for over 75 years. 

Lithia Springs (rural Shelbyville, Illinois, now a state park adjoining Lake Shelbyville)

Sent to me from Russ Muth


The painting measures 24 X 12 inches, was painted in 1925, and is signed by Root.  It is owned by Philip L. Turner, Williamsburg, Virginia.  A Root official tag on the back states:  The Studio of Robert M. Root Syndicate Bldg., Shelbyville.  

"Winter Evening, Brown County Indiana" provided by Lantz and Mary Turner of Williamsburg, VA

This painting used to hang in the law office of Turner and Turner, Shelbyville, Il

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