Learning Like Abe:  Read'n, Writ'n and Cipher'n 1819, WITH ABE LINCOLN

While with the Lincoln family, you will have to share a book with Abe.  He has a lot of trouble finding good books to read.  Tonight he has these great books to read.  Do the activity and pages given to you by your teacher, or use the links for these titles as provided. 

A Quote from Julius Caesar


The meteors whizzing in the sky are so bright that I can read by them. (he opens the letter and reads) “Brutus, you’re sleeping. Wake up and look at yourself. Is Rome going to … etc. Speak, strike, fix the wrongs!” “Brutus, you’re sleeping. Wake up.” I’ve noticed many such calls to action left where I would find them. “Is Rome going to … etc.” What does this mean? Will Rome submit to one man’s power? My ancestors drove Tarquin from the streets of Rome when he was pronounced a king. “Speak, strike, fix it!” Is this asking me to speak and strike? Oh, Rome, I promise you, if you’re meant to receive justice, you’ll receive it by my hand!


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