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Topic Sets to Study Abraham Lincoln His Life and Before the Civil War

CONTENTS SET A:  Abraham Lincoln Biographical Information -- Child and Boyhood

Topic 115: Pioneer Life  &  Topic Thirteen: the Old National Trail

On the Old National Road!

If you Lived with the Thomas Lincoln Family

At Home, on the Fringes of the Prairie  (Illinois State Museum Activity)

Camp Silos "Exploring the Prairie"

The Lincolns, Hanks and the Halls Journey into Illinois, 1830

Learning like Abraham Lincoln

Three Families Move to Illinois

Life in Lincoln's Early Childhood

Education in the Pioneer World


Click for a short video clip while photographing the 1834 Bridge
Original 1834 Stone Arch Bridge on the Old National Trail  Spur,  just West of Marshall. 


Pioneer Studies Hotlist

Our Plan of Action Pioneer Ideas for Study

16th President Topic List

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