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Topic Sets to Study Abraham Lincoln His Life and Before the Civil War


CONTENTS SET A:  Abraham Lincoln Biographical Information -- Child and Boyhood

Topic thirteen:  the Old National Trail  & Topic Five:  The Lincoln's Move to Illinois, March, 1830 & Topic Four:  Lincolns and Pioneer Life-- Frontier Education (See Links Below) &  Topic 115. Pioneer Life 



Welcome to My National Road Activity

19th Century Travel on the "Old National Road"
. . . .Also known as Cumberland Trail, Cumberland Pike, National Trail.  the Nemacolin's Path and old Braddock's Road are connected with this First Interstate Highway for the United States

Now known as 
U.S. 40

Signs at the Intersection of U.S. 40 and Old National Road, W. of Marshall, Il

       This Activity will start with George Washington and General Braddock the French and Indian War and can end with what's on U.S. 40 today.  U.S. 40 used to be called the Old National Trail.  It was the 1st Interstate Highway for America and was initiated by President Thomas Jefferson.

       Sounds Interesting, huh!  and the Old Trail is our neighbor in Central Illinois!  Have fun doing some or all of the activities I am providing.

1.  Answer the questions in the boxes below from National Trail resource sites.
2.  Create a paper document (book) with illustrations and text
Include images and text (information) about each of these topics:  cover, table of contents, illustrations, page numbers and all the neat stuff you see in a good book.
3.  Use the Notepad Sheets to record your research information.  Be sure to give credit to the web site including Title and URL.

Find Your Answers from these National Road Resources
& Check Out these Additional Pioneer Resources

Include the points you will research from
any or all the tasks below:




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