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Topic Forty-five:  U.S. Military Railroad History

Those Great Civil War Battlefield Technologies, Weapons and Firsts

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1.  Learn your locomotive (The GENERAL):  the locomotive--exterior parts.  Brakeman Brad will guide you in this activity to learn about the external parts of the locomotive.  Learn your locomotive (The GENERAL):  the parts and what they do. 


2.  Learn of Civil War "Generals" decisions on logistics and the use of the military railroads.  The official U.S. Army Command and General Staff College will be your information guide.  

3.  Serious Reading about the USMRR by Thomas Weber.  Click Here.

. . . The United States Military Railroad System
A trestle built or -re-strengthened for use by the U.S.M.RR., all under the leadership of General Haupt
The US Military Rail Road (USMRR) took responsibility for building and maintaining the railroads that supplied Federal armies throughout the South. A factory in Taunton, Massachusetts manufactured this locomotive (named the "General Haupt" after the commander of the US Military Rail Road) for the USMRR.


The General, famous for the "Great Locomotive Chase" April, 1862
Google Books online history of the USMRR Google Books online history of the Confederate States military railroad
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