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Abraham Lincoln Assassinated:  Reconstruction Plans Never Instituted
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Gen. Grant, wearing a black mourning band at the death of President Lincoln

Plans for Reconstruction Considered During the Civil War

When Richmond would fall, Lincoln was ready to help the South re-build.  Study his plan, but it couldn't go into effect.  He would be assassinated April 15, 1865


. . .  Lincoln's 10% Plan for Reconstruction of the South
". . . Although Lincoln's Plan of Reconstruction was not put into effect in the South after the Civil War, if it had been racism would have been almost completely avoided in the 20th century.  Lincoln's proposed plan was called the "10% Plan."  It called for 10% of the people would voted in the 1860 Election to take a pledge of loyalty to the Union. This plan was met by harsh oppositions by the Radical Republicans in Congress who viewed the South as conquered territory.  These Radicals said that Lincoln's plan was much too soft.  In return, Republicans in Congress then moved to pass the Wade-Davis Bill in 1864.  This bill required
that a majority of the South would have to take an iron clad oath that they had never supported the Confederacy.  The Wade-Davis bill was pocket-vetoed by Lincoln who was assassinated shortly after.  Johnson took over the presidency and his Plan of Reconstruction was passed."

. . . Andrew Johnson's Plan
". . . Instead of Lincoln's "10% Plan", Johnson's Plan of Reconstruction was put into effect.  Johnson's plan was much more acrimonious towards the South.  Johnson's plan demanded that the South nullify their secessions, hold state conventions, adopt the 13th amendment, re-elect Congressmen."

. . . Your Job

Make a comparison of the two Reconstruction Plans
by completing the table:
The Plan: How would the North be effected by this plan? How would the Confederate States be effected by this plan?
Lincoln's 10% Plan 
. .
Andrew Johnson's Plan









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