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*Lincoln in the Illinois House & U.S. Congress       *1840 Election     

*Presidents during the 1840's              *The Mexican War

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Lincoln in the Illinois House & U.S. Congress

Parties & Presidents in the 1840's

The Major & Minor Parties of the 1840's

Free-Soil Party  

Liberty Party



Jacksonian Democrats


The Whigs


Formed from the Liberty Party in 1848

Their Platform









Became Free Soil Party in 1848

Their Platform

James Gillespie Birney: Presidential candidate 1840 & 1841

Gerrit Smith: 1848 & 1852 (lost)







Their Platform

Martin Van Buren: President 1840

James K. Polk: President 1844-1848

Lewis Cass: Presidential candidate 1848








Their Platform

William Henry Harrison: President 1840

Henry Clay: Presidential candidate 1844 (lost)

Winfield Scott: Presidential candidate 1852 (lost)

Zachary Taylor: President 1848-1850 (died in office)





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