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Lincoln's Feelings and Actions about Slavery-- HODGE LETTER STUDY-RESOURCES

  Lincoln's Response to Slavery, and What He Thought of it, As expressed through his words and writings throughout his lifetime

Also visit:  Abolitionists Presidential Press-Conference

Additional Resources

Organized through Abraham Lincoln's accumulated years

Formative Years:  1809-1831


Teacher Guide (PDF format) and essay included on this excellent site.   Lesson plans are included.




(Pre-Civil War Years, and Indiana years in particular)   This site will cover Abraham Lincoln's experiences with slavery, relationships with black people in Springfield, and political activities.  This site contains images as well as text, but no learning activities





A list of quotes and statements by Lincoln concerning slavery.  These are all pre-presidential in timing.

New Salem & Springfield Years: 1832-1860

Quotations about Slavery and Freedom by A. Lincoln

Presidential Years: 1861-1865


 Presidential Abolitionists Press-Conference

Lincoln and Slavery

Slave Contraband

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