Learning Lincoln On-line

Topic Sets to Study Abraham Lincoln His Life and Before the Civil War


Abraham Lincoln Biographical Information -- Child and Boyhood

There are several online units set up and ready to go to help the Lincoln student.  Follow the outline below to go the links:


Daniel Boone, the Northwest Territory and the Lincolns


Lincoln Log Biographical Online Puzzle


Studying Abraham Lincoln, His Education


Abraham Lincoln's Autobiographies


Lincoln's "By the Fireplace" Online Puzzle


Abraham Lincoln's Family-- Learning Activity


Nancy Hanks Lincoln, Abraham's Birth Mother


Sarah Bush (Johnston) Lincoln, Abraham's Step-Mother


Learning Like Abe:  Reading, Ciphering and Writing


Frontier Life and Illiteracy & A Blab School Dramatic Presentation


Abraham Lincoln's Favorite Childhood Books


Lincoln Family Genealogy Project/Family Tree Project


The Pioneer Farm If you Lived with the Thomas Lincoln Family Activity


America's First Interstate Roads: The Old National Road Activity


Pioneer Life and Travel


Pioneer Travel:  How the Lincoln Family Traveled into Illinois, 1830


Abe the Railsplitter


The Lincolns Journey into Illinois, 1830


Abraham Lincoln Stories:  Analysis Reading Activity


Mary Todd Lincoln Biographical Home Page


Lincoln's Friends & Family Activity


 "My Personal Stories" by Abraham Lincoln


16th President Topic Index

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