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The 16th President:  Politics, War, the People, the Telegraph, Mary Todd Lincoln and the Lincoln Family

Answer Key:

        Search the details of the Lincoln Pennies by clicking objects or details and find "14" interesting readings concerning the President during his Springfield years.  Print this page if you like and check off each reading as you find them.  You will then read the articles and complete part two  by answering the questions about each reading. 

 Good luck finding and reading the readings.

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Old Penny Collection

1st Penny-- 1909

1943--the steel penny (WW II era)

Where did the Lincoln portrait come from as used on the penny?

 Photo by Alexander Gardner

Does it look familiar?  Go to the U.S. Treasury site and find out how the penny with Lincoln's portrait came about.  Click Here


The Lincoln Bicentennial of his birthday Penny Collection

1.  Abraham Lincoln's birthplace and cabin, Hodgenville, KY

2.  A young Abraham reading in Indiana


3.  Lincoln giving a speech outside of the State Capitol at Springfield


4.  The U.S. Capitol Building (unfinished) as it was when President-elect Lincoln arrived in Washington D.C.



5.  The top of the new penny, as repeated on all 2009 new versions



Article #

Provided when going to articles



Y or N



Penny number & Location on Penny Pics



Write two facts or "new" things you read from the reading selection.  These should be "important" things as determined by your opinion.



7   #2--Log  

President Lincoln, Commander & Chief, fires Major General George McClellen, a letter from Mrs. Lincoln recommending such action.




  #4--word ONE  

Mary and Tad Lincoln comments after the assassination





  #1--Chimney The President's private secretaries:  short biographies of each



  #5--Lincoln's beard Alexander Stephen's speech concerning the attitudes and traditions in the South concerning black people and slavery



  #3--Flag on top of the dome Frederick Douglass, abolitionist, meets President Lincoln in the White House
5   #1--the word CENT


A story about Judith Henry, the first American civilian casualty at the Battle of First Bull Run



  1909 Penny--the word AMERICA President Lincoln dreams about someone "dead in the White House"



  Steel penny--Lincoln's hair President-elect Lincoln "sneaks into Washington D.C." for his inauguration




Secession of Southern States, Lincoln maintains the "unified" Union flag





  Gardner portrait--Lincoln's nose The Emancipation Proclamation



  #2--book Walt Whitman writes about the Summer Home



  #5--2009 Major Robert Anderson surrenders at Fort Sumter



  Steel penny--1943  

The Year of Secession; the First Inaugural Address






  #4--left shorter dome of Capitol  

The President and the telegraph






  1909 Penny--left wheat stock  

An article about Mary Todd Lincoln, First Lady



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