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John Nicolay and John Hay, two of Lincoln's secretaries while president, compiled available Lincoln writings for an 1894 publication, The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. These works included texts from the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858, and are available from this website.

Remember the Order of Speaking Procedure:
. . . The order of speaking and time limit was as follows: One hour for the first speaker, one and one-half hours for the second speaker, a thirty minute rebuttal was then given by the first speaker. The speaker arrangement was as follows:

The Debates and Who Spoke First

Ottawa, Aug. 21          Douglas spoke first
Freeport, Aug 27,       Lincoln spoke first
Jonesboro, Sept. 15   Douglas spoke first
Charleston, Sept. 18   Lincoln  spoke first
Galesburg, Oct. 7       Douglas spoke first
Quincy, Oct. 13           Lincoln spoke first
Alton, Oct. 15              Douglas spoke first


Debate Museum Statues at Charleston, Illinois

The Candidates displayed in bronze outside the Charleston Lincoln-Douglas Debate
The scale of the sculptures are exact according to actual height of Stephen A. Douglas (left) and Abraham Lincoln (right)



1.  Ottawa


2.  Freeport


3.  Jonesboro


4.  Charleston


5.  Galesburg


6.  Quincy


7.  Alton


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