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U.S. Civil War Naval Ships, Men and Battles--Confederate and Union
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A . . . The Hudson Valley Region was where the Monitor was built.  Read the PDF file to answer the questions and gather information;  the design of the turret; the cannon to be mounted in the turret; having the sheet metal made; design procedures in construction; launching event, and trials and adjustments.  Make a computer presentation or a poster including a map to show the Hudson Valley Region.  Include illustrations.

B . . . The Merrimack (to be Virginia) started out as a burned and sunken hulk in the waters at Norfolk Naval Base.  Why did the Confederate Navy Secretary Why did the Confederates choose an old existing ship?  Describe the condition of the Merrimack as it was under-water.  What parts of the Merrimack were kept and used?  What special features were included in the design plan?  Describe the metal sheeting used.  Make a computer presentation or poster illustrating and explaining the construction of the Virginia.

C . . . The building of both ships: The Monitor and Virginia was kind of like a speed contest for which could be finished first.  Why and how did each navy know about the opposing side building an ironclad?  What body of water was both sides very interested in protecting (besides coastal ports of the south)?  What did President Lincoln and the politicians in Washington think about the Confederate ironclad coming up the Potomac?  In summary, how important was the ironclad for each side of the war?  Write an essay answering and describing the need, design and construction of each ironclad in a timely manner.

D . . . Each of the ironclads had experienced commanders.  Describe the commanders and crews of each.  How were these men selected?  What was the requirements for being in the Navy on each side?  This part co-ordinates with Part Eleven of the Civil War Navy activity.  Write an essay answering the questions, using at least two resources for information.

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You can record your answers in a Navy Form each part of the activity.

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