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Topic Fifty-seven: Student Direction Page

The General and the Texan in the Great Locomotive Chase 1862


. . . A Learning Activity to learn of one Georgia's most exciting "Raider Stories" Follow these On-Line Directions to become a specialist in this great Civil War event.  

1.  Read The General and the Texan in the Great Locomotive Chase, 1862
describing Andrew's Raiders

2.  Answer the questions about the "16" locations/events  that the General stopped en-route to its final stop.

3.  Use the "Great Locomotive Chase" Interactive Map to retrace the route that the TEXAN and the GENERAL.   Remember that the TEXAN had to run in reverse all the time.

Here are the Questions to look for answers for each of the 16  Interactive Map Hotspots:

Question and Map Hotspot Location Guide

Answer the Questions in the boxes of this table column (below) . ..........................................................................              
Introduction Question :  

Who was Anderson,
and who was Fuller?  

1.  Captain W.A. Fuller:

2.  James J. Anderson:  

1.  Why did Anderson decide to plan and implement the raid on the Southern Railroad?

2.  How did Anderson and the other raiders manage to walk onto the train and steal it so easily?


3.  How did Fuller chase after the General before using the Texan?  List the ways.

4.  What did Anderson try to do to the Southern Railroad system, that he actually failed in doing?

5.  Describe the way that the General and the Texan chased each other.  Which way was each engine facing (forwards or backwards)?


6.  Fuller was determined to catch up to the General.  How did he manage to keep up with the speeding General?   Why do you think he succeeded in catching up with it?

7.   Fuller and the General crew were doing what while the General was stolen?


8.   What means of communication between Atlanta and Chatanooga was in use during the chase, that Andrews did manage to disrupt?  How did he disrupt it?


9.  Name the beginning spot (town/railroad station) where the Great Locomotive Chase started, and then where did it end?



10.  Anderson and his men would have to stop their escape north on the General because of what reason?  Where did they go after the stop?


11.  Andrews and the other Raiders used what tricks and means to discourage Fuller and his crew?

12.  Andrews and the Raiders ended up with different fates.  Tell what happened to each of them at the end of the Chase.

List Each:
13.  Describe what Secretary Stanton (U.S.A.) did for the surviving Raiders?

14.  What was the importance of what the Lincoln administration did for the surviving and deceased Raiders, as related to the U.S. during the Civil War.

15.  What happened to the General and the Texan engines in later years?  Where are each now?

16.  Why do you think the failed mission of Andrews Raiders is so important to Civil War history now?