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The Battle of Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address-- Information and Fact Box



"Battle of Gettysburg", L. Prang & Co. print of the painting "Hancock at Gettysburg" by Thure de Thulstrup, showing Pickett's Charge. Restoration by Adam Cuerden  (from Wikepedia Civil War: Battle of Gettysburg site)

(from the Civil War Trust site)   "Having concentrated his army around the small town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Gen. Robert E. Lee awaited the approach of Union Gen. George G. Meade’s forces. On July 1, early Union success faltered as Confederates pushed back against the Iron Brigade and exploited a weak Federal line at Barlow’s Knoll. The following day saw Lee strike the Union flanks, leading to heavy battle at Devil's Den, Little Round Top, the Wheatfield, Peach Orchard, Culp’s Hill and East Cemetery Hill. Southerners captured Devil’s Den and the Peach Orchard, but ultimately failed to dislodge the Union defenders. On the final day, July 3rd, fighting raged at Culp’s Hill with the Union regaining its lost ground. After being cut down by a massive artillery bombardment in the afternoon, Lee attacked the Union center on Cemetery Ridge and was repulsed in what is now known as Pickett’s Charge. Lee's second invasion of the North had failed, and had resulted in heavy casualties; an estimated 51,000 soldiers were killed, wounded, captured, or listed as missing after Gettysburg."  Read from the Civil War Trust more details about this great battle.

From Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Gettysburg

Battle of Gettysburg FACT BOX
Part of the American Civil War
Date July 1–3, 1863
Location Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania
Result Union victory
United States Confederate States
Commanders and leaders
George G. Meade
John F. Reynolds
Robert E. Lee
93,921 71,699
Casualties and losses
(3,155 killed
14,531 wounded
5,369 captured/missing)
(4,708 killed
 12,693 wounded
 5,830 captured/missing)



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