When the Gong Rings
A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois
89.  FIRE LOG 1954    

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Water Filling Job


       Fireman Mel Taylor stands by as Big Babe pauses in front of the fire hall for a drink.  The elephant is one of the attractions of the carnival at North Park sponsored by the city police department.  A stream of water is running directly into the tip of Babe's up-curled trunk.  Wednesday, May 12, 1954

       Not much on 1954.  The firemen would answer a multitude of calls, go to the Coles County Fair for duty in late summer, and continued to fill farmer's water tanks off of the hydrant above.  The city sold water out of the firehouse.  The daily routine of the firemen included cleaning the firehouse:  dusting, polishing brass and nickel, sweeping, mopping, and outside work.  It varied each year whether the men would eat in the firehouse, or be allowed to go home for lunch.  I can remember my dad (above) bringing the old fire pickup with Brownie the fire dog home for lunch.  It was fun to visit with the dog and go outside and see the red and black truck.  I don't have a picture of the fire pickup truck of old.