When the Gong Rings

A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois




80.   FIRE LOG


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The quality of these pictures is poor because of age & the murkiness of the air due to smoke in the air when taken. The pictures are from the Charleston Daily Courier maintained from the Mel Taylor Historical Collection


John Rardin's "Fire Sidelights" in the Daily News . ..


Approximately 3000,000 gallons of -water was pumped from Charleston's two trucks during the Alexander store fire Wednesday night . . . One of the pumpers, a 1927 model, pumped nearly 1O,OOO gallons in about eight hours, according to firemen's estimates . . . The other truck of 1930 vintage, pumped nearly 14O,OOO gallons . . . The pumping motors of the two trucks ran the equivalent of 255 miles, and the motors were running at high speeds . . . Mileage on the older truck Wednesday night amounted to 255 miles, and the motor never missed a beat . . . Firemen noticed one amusing incident during the disaster . . . Several fellows were pushing a car away from a parking space to make room for fire-fighting equipment . . . Firemen said they had pushed it about one-half a block before the driver; one of the pushers got in and simply drove it away . . . Persons in the Will Rogers Theatre having autos parked in the store area were asked to move them . . . Other oars -were pushed from the scene . . . Owners of several neighboring business were on their roofs manning garden hoses to prevent fire from sparks and the intense heat . . . Firemen are still praising volunteer firelighters and the men who carried gasoline to the pumpers, and to the ladies who again and again brought coffee and sandwiches to the men.

1917 Parkers as it was named in the earlier years
A tornado would cause severe damage to this old building