When the Gong Rings
A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois
66.  FIRE LOG 1949          


January 31- after 12:30 AM, Saturday; Roy Eaton home, considerable damage to basement; Mr, Eaton was cut by window glass; was at the scene all night


March 8- early Tuesday morning; residence fire, mother and two children die (See the special article)


March 10- Chief Turner makes newspaper warning to all residents to check chimney flues and to take care to check safety of furnaces; most fires of recent time are due to chimney problems.


March 17- Thursday, 7:30, small fire at Charleston Elevator


April 5- at Effingham, shortly after 1:00; St. Anthony Hospital fire, over 70 dies (See the special page)


April 6- 9:30 AM, Wednesday; Claude Stingley residence at 1133 4th St., over $2,000 damage


May 3 Melvin Taylor resigns from the Fire Department to go back with Hendrix Bottling; he would continue as a volunteer for the department


May 3- George Milliner appointed fireman


September 26- 5:30 PM, Monday; Lincoln Building on N.W. corner of square

Morris 5 & 10 and J.C. Penney; major smoke damage to stores (see the column on this fire)


November 18- 6:00 PM, Thursday; Jack Austin farm, barn was completely destroyed, Austin home was destroyed by fire a year previous





Members of the Charleston Police Department and the Fire Department and several others were guests at an oyster supper served Thursday
evening at the fire hall. The supper, an annual affair, was sponsored by Eddie McGurty, Harry McKinley, C.W. Huckleberry and Charles Crowder.  Those attending were: John Turner, Neal E. Hutton, Daniel E. Wilson, Eves Quinn, Harold "Buck" Fleming, Everett Myers, George Milliner and Frank Bensley, of the fire department. Hiram C. Bryant, Logan Cox, Clyde Brown, Stanley Hudson, Tom Michael, Granville Shaffer and William Franklin of the Police Department. Herbert Bales,Vol Quinn, Aubrey Snyder, Melvin Taylor and Lee Lynch were guests.


On-Duty:  Chief John Turner (left), Buck Fleming
and George Milliner, (right), in the upstairs quarters of the 500 Jackson Firehouse in 1949





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