When the Gong Rings
A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois

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1948 Christmas Photo of Charleston's City Employees and Officers

Front Row, Left to Right
Bob Etnire-- City Clerk
Unknown-- Clerk
Frances Redman-- Clerk
Buck Fleming-- Fireman
Bill Sunderman-- City Attorney
Tony Bianchi-- City Commissioner
Neal Hutton-- Asst. Fire Chief
Hiram Bryant--  Police Chief
Doc Light-- Street Superintendent
Adams--  City Water Works

Middle Row, Left to Right
Charles Reynolds-- City Commissioner
Frank Bensley-- Extra Fireman
Onyx Quinn-- Fireman
Melvin Taylor-- Fireman

Absent for Picture:
Edgar Wilson, fireman, 2 City Commissioners,
3 policemen and Mayor Everett Brown
Back Row, Left to Right
Tom Michael-- Policeman
John Turner-- Fire Chief
Logan Cox (In front of Michaels)-- Policeman

Charleston Firemen at U of I Fire College, 1948.

In picture at bottom from left:  Melvin Taylor, Onyx Quinn, and Asst. Chief Neal Hutton

At the Right is a close-up photo of Assistant Chief Neal Hutton