When the Gong Rings
A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois
246.  FIRE LOG 1977      
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January 1,1977--Residential fire at  Camp home at 15 Buchanon Court, completely gutted

January 6- Quad fire engine  loaned to Lincoln Fire Prot. Dist., to be painted yellow and housed at the Loxa station

January 24- Celotex semi burns at 1255 5th St.

January 25- City pipe thawing project begins

January 26- Probationary firemen/policemen get raise of $100


January 31- Residential fire at Jack Turner residence, 1063 9th St.; temperature at 50 degrees below 0 (wind chill) total loss

January Fire report (given in Feb.) reported a fire loss of  $68,000

February- Hickman and Pelton announce candidacy for mayor

February 8- Pipe thawing may be causing fires; Charleston Township residents want own fire station in Lincoln Dist.; pipe thawing procedure being reviewed for safety

March 4- Charleston Fire and Rescue Assoc. raise money for handicapped

March 18- 80 acre brush fire off S. 4th  St.; Heritage House resident burned

April 2- EMT study tapes donated to CFDby the AAMA

April 5- H & R Block office at 7th and Jackson suffers wind damage

April 10- Residential fire at  115 Polk St.

April 13- Charity Anne Taylor's preschool class visits Chief Taylor at the fire station


April 19- CPD's Dwight Walker retires, tells of relationship of police &. fire in old days


April 19- City election

May- New council seated: Wayne Lanman, Olga Durham, John Beusch and Clancy Pfeiffer

May 3- Fire at railroad in grain car/ fire at Youngstowne Apartments (minor)

May 10- Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center opens

May 17- CFD to protect Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital from fire

May 27- EIU Taylor Hall fire in room during State Track Meet

June 6- Howard Taylor prepares Fire Inspector Course study guide for State of Illinois; several small fires & storm causes fallen wires

June 8- Regency Apartments fire, suspected arson; CFD ambulance call recordset

June 13- Mrs. Michael Clifford killed by smoke inhalation at the College Inn Motel

June 19- Residential fire at  420 N. "A" St.

June 23- Insurance Bureau inspection on-going could lower insurance rates

June 30- Lightning storm damages steeple on Christian Church at 4th and Jackson

July 7- Cabin, S.E. of Charleston destroyed, owned by Charles Underwood of Indianapolis

July 8— Church and State awards given; Residential fire at Harold Hackett home, 1273 Harrison St., heavy smoke damage


July 30- Carlyle Apartment fire at 947 4th, Apt. 13

August 8- Trailer fire at Francis Trailer Ct.

August 12- Bomb scare at Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center

August 18- City of Charleston and Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center agree on amount of cost of fire protection

August 21- New ambulance: 3 X-Ray 18, added to ambulance fleet, cost was $20,000

September 7- Council rejects Sarah Bush Lincoln agreement

September 15- Several firemen get trained in jail operations

September 21- First "Self Service" gas station in Charleston (Standard station on Lincoln)

September 30- Firemen learn to handle hazardous emergencies in training seminars

October 2- Semi-truck fire near Rte. 130

October 12- Fire Prevention activities at schools

October 18- City passes insurance inspection, rating down &. fire insurance premiums lowered

October 26- Car fires, possibly arson

November 14— CIPS gas line explodes at 6th and Lincoln, Jack Lawyer of Charleston injured

December 24- Firemen plan for "Christmas feast"

December 30- Garage fire at Marion Green building, 6th & Adams; Loxa and Humboldt fires; vacant house fire on W. Polk St. in country; warnings on fires by Chief Taylor in winter season

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