When the Gong Rings
A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois
237.  FIRE LOG 1976             
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January 3, 1976— Famous Recipe  Restaurant on Lincoln Ave. closed because of gas odors;  Bradley home at 1511 Tyler St. fire;
"cause" of Otterbein United Methodist Church fire (in 1975) determined to be by combustible materials stored in the building

January 10— Complaints about Mother's tavern on Monroe St. investigated

January 20- Fraternal Order of Police recognized by Council

January 22- Firemen ask for recognition as
Charleston Fire and Rescue Association; Council approves appointment of Tom Watson, /Dick Zachary, Lester Lee, Paul Cottingham, Larry McGinnis, Jerry Ashby and Ron Brown as firemen (were formerly ambulance technicians)

Lincoln Fire Protection District receive two rural multi-purpose four wheel drive "mud hogs"; Training for new firemen provided by Charleston/Mattoon F.D.'s

February 1- Wayne Hampton appointed Captain

February 2- Leslie Hickenbottom appointed
Assistant Chief

February 6- Ice storm hits Charleston

February 11- EIU  High-rise evolution safety/fire training

February 17- Bids received for new fire station wagon and bids to paint Station #1; Apartment fire at 114 Jackson St.

February 24- Mother's given safety corrections from investigation


February 28- Suicide after siege at 408 Polk St.  CFD involved

March 2— Firemen and Policemen request pay raises; Area and Federal agencies sponsor an ambulance and fire department training clinic at EIU

April 9— Special newspaper article on CFD

April 19- Residential fire in attic at 12 W. Madison

April 22- Special newspaper article on "Heart Attacks" featuring CFD Ambulance Service

April 24- Residential fire at 755 5th St.,  (was vacant)

May 4- EIU Health Service fire, caused by water heater

May 5- Mel & Louise Taylor attend the Belleville Illinois Assoc. of Fire Chiefs Convention

May 29- Nation's oldest active fire chief, Don Price of Jefferson, Iowa (age 86) was a visitor of the CFD

June 7- Fire at Adams Memorials, W. of Charleston on 316, across from cemeteries, owner Wendell Adams, major damage

August (?)- Garage fire at 722 10th,

Early Emergency Medical Technician Patch
The level that Charleston Fire Department EMT's would work under was called Basic, or A (ambulance)

September 7- EIU dormitory residents to
practice exiting at fire drills

September 8- Truck gutted on E. Rte. 16

September 15- Asst. State Fire Marshall Ed Horn declares Coles Court House stairs unsafe

September 25- Council votes on an
ordinance authorizing an agreement with the Lincoln Fire Protection Dist. for CFD to be the primary response to fires in Charleston Township only

September 27— EIU new alarm system announced

October 7- EIU false alarms still problem

October 25— Firemen take trucks to public schools for drills and visits

November 4- EIU Pre-Alarm system in dorms questioned

November 13- Sarah Bush Lincoln to have new employees chosen soon

November 16- Residential fire at 502 N.
12th St.; minor fires at Del-Mar student residential building, arson suspected

November 27— Commissioner Daniel Thornburgh announces to run again

December 8- Charleston EMT's help to inoculate EIU students for swine flu

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