When the Gong Rings A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois
216.  FIRE LOG 1974     
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(New pumper arrival, continued from page 215)

. . . The pumper would hopefully help to lower Charleston's fire insurance rates, or at least to maintain the current rate. Charleston receives financial help on the purchase of fire equipment from the State of Illinois because of Eastern Illinois University being within the city.


Charleston Ambulance technician demonstrated and explained the machine to the Coles board April 10, 1974.

The home of Jasper and Kathryn Brookins, 211 W. Harrison was heavily damaged by fire June 2. The Brookins, who were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary Sunday, were not home when the fire broke out. The fire apparently started in the bathroom area of the home. Its origin had been undetermined by the city fire department Sunday, but Brookins said he thought the cause was electrical. The bathroom and two bedrooms on the first floor of the two-story house were damaged


cause was electrical. The bathroom and two bedrooms on the first floor of the two-story house were damaged structurally and the living room, kitchen, and two other rooms were blackened. Brookins said it was a near-total loss. The fire was discovered by aneighbor, Mrs. Randy Collins, who saw smoke billowing from the residence. Randy Collins and another neighbor, Bob Ayers, ran to the scene and attempted to remove a flaming air conditioner from a bedroom window. "That air conditioner was spittm* fire when we saw it," Ayers said. "Randy yelled to me and we both ran over there and tried to pull it out of the window, but it was lodged. Then it blew the top glass out of the window and we decided to get out of there." Collins also entered the living room of the home and shouted to see if the Brookins' were home. They were on their way to their trailer home on Lake Mattoon. Collins cut his foot on the screen door while running from the home and was treated later at Charleston Hospital. CFD responded to the fire at 12:58 P.M. and left at 1:47 P.M. after extinguishing the blaze. Mr. Brookins said their home (at the same location) was destroyed by fire 23 years ago, in 1951. All that was left that time was the living room. (go to p. 73 to see that fire.)


Charleston Firefighter at the Brookins Fire

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