When the Gong Rings
A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois
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. . . buildings were in excellent visual condition. He spotted a few minor danger spots, but ended the familiarization and informal inspection on a positive note. EIU Security Chief John Pauley and editors of the Eastern News had questions with this "inspection." Several editorials and news pieces were put in the News about the need for a more complete inspection and perhaps more specific recommendations from the previous visit. Regardless, things would go on for both EIU and the CFD. Sometimes its difficult to sort the serious complaints from the minor ones, when it came to the Eastern News in the 70's. At about the same time as this tour the CFD responded to a fire alarm in the basement of Pemberton Hall, May 3, 1974. The basement of the girls' dormitory


housed the Eastern News and Warbler staffs. Evidently a photographic copy machine set the blaze, according to Chief George Milliner. The Eastern News team argued that that cause was impossible, as closed and saved the rest of the building from fire.

Charleston's new 1,250 gallon per minute American-LaFrance pumper arrived May 9, 1974. It was ordered April of 1973 and costs $50897. In the picture, left to right are: Capt. Delbert McDivitt, American-LaFrance delivery engineer Dick Abrisz, Chief George Milliner, Assistant Chief Mel Taylor, and City Commissioner Dan Thornburgh.  Thornburgh. The pumper would hopefully help to lower Charleston's fire insurance rates, or at least to maintain, the rate. Charleston receives financial help on fire equipment from the State of Illinois, because of the University being in the City.

Posing with new pumper are from left:  Capt. Delbert McDivitt, American-LaFrance delivery engineer Dick Arisz, Chief George Milliner, Asst. Chief Mel Taylor and City Commissioner Dan Thornburgh.

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