When the Gong Rings
A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois
130.  Fire Log   1965

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April 5,1965, 11:20 A.M., the CFD were called to the Lindley Chevrolet Quonset. The building was gutted. The problem with this fire was the rural location and a lack of a fire plug nearby. The building was located on west Route 316 past the Coles County Fairgrounds. Three Charleston fire trucks were called to the scene to fight the fire. Also, a number of volunteer firemen assisted in the operation. The fire broke out in the south end of the building. Workmen in the building told fire chief George Milliner they noticed smoke coming from out of the floor near a furnace pipe that apparently got overheated and started the fire. The workmen ran to get water to throw on the smoke but when they returned the floor was afire. Firemen were hindered in their firefighting efforts to extinguish the huge blaze by the lack of a fire plug in that area. After firemen used all the available water in their trucks, l,600 feet of hose was connected to a plug located at the Coles County Fairgrounds corner almost three and one-half blocks away. An explosion occurred approximately



This was caused by a 100 gallon butane tank getting overheated, according to Milliner. With the intense blaze centered mainly in the south end of the building workmen were able to drive out three cars and three trucks parked in the north end of the building. Two other trucks had to be pulled out, but one pickup truck was completely burned up in the fire. With the hose stretched down Route 316coming along and cutting off the water supply. However, a quick trip to the Sixth Street tower prevented any trains from passing through and at least two were spotted parked and awaiting to proceed at 1:00 P.M. Ironically, as the clipping reported, the city council had just advertised for bids to be submitted to extend a six inch water main from the New York Central crossing westward past the Lindley building, and a new fire plug for the area. The firemen returned to quarters at 2:00 P.M. and over the New York Central railroad tracks there was fear at one time of a train



       Old time fireman Buck Fleming died June 29,1965. His history is given throughout the 1940's-50's fire department history. He was born March 3, 1907.


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