When the Gong Rings
A Fire History of Charleston, Illinois
112.  FIRE LOG 1962              

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       January 14, 1962, was a typical cold January day. Firemen were called out Sunday to the printing business and manufacturing company, on Washington Street in Charleston. Chief George Milliner said he believe the fire which roared through the Do-Rite Manufacturing Company may have started in the vicinity of an oil heater. Front offices containing the company's offset printing equipment and supplies were destroyed. The roof over the front part of the building also was destroyed. Firemen checked the blaze before it reached a warehouse in the rear containing the company's roofing materials, tar and chemicals.

"If that stuff had started, -we - would have been there yet," Milliner said. Firemen battled the blaze for more that three hours in the afternoon. Milliner also said there was a brief flare-up from smouldering papers Sunday night. No estimate of damage was immediately available. Max Baker, owner of the business was vacationing in Florida. Captain Taylor was at his grandfather's funeral in Tennessee.




        The home of Mrs. Edna Bettinger, 1112 Harrison Street was heavily gutted January 29, 1962. Several thousand dollars damage resulted. A vacant trailer owned by Alien Parker was moved into the fairgrounds after catching fire. A faulty oil stove was the cause.

(Myers Studio Photo) Courier, January, 1962


        A fire, which firemen said was started through the thawing of frozen water pipes, gutted this trailer, owned by Mrs. Edna Bettinger, Friday night The trailer, located at the rear of 1112 Harrison Street, was expected to be a total loss with damages amounting to several thousand dollars, according to firemen.      

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