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Topic Sets to Study Abraham Lincoln His Life and Before the Civil War


Topic 65:  A Study Guide for the Tanya Stone Lincoln Book (in PDF format)

Tanya Stone's Abraham Lincoln:  A photographic Story of a Life, D.K. Publishing, 2005


The guide is available as a PDF file.  The book is still available for purchase.

Answer these comprehension questions about the book and special article:

Stone’s Abraham Lincoln, pp 1-7 (the book introduction).  To get all points give complete and clear answers.


  1. What is the theme of the introduction?


  1. What promise does the author of this book make in the “Note to My Readers?”


  1. What is the importance of the Introduction’s first two-word sentences?


  1. How many tombs were the President’s body placed into at Springfield? 


  1. What was the biggest fear concerning Lincoln’s body?


  1. Describe the final resting place of the President and his family.  Provide a list of    details.


  1. Describe the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.  Why do you think that Lincoln is depicted “bigger than life?”


  1. There is a listing of “Lincoln’s beliefs and his personality”  List them here:



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