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Topic Thirty-four: The Civil War Ends

Questions for each Category

Generals Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee at the Surrender Table at Appomattox Courthouse

Challenge Questions

President Lincoln would go to Richmond to see the captured capitol of the Confederacy.  He would return to Washington to find out of the end of the war.  He would give his final speech from the White House balcony.  Many things happened shortly after the war ended. 

A brief summary of the war's conclusion can be read at this site. Included are memo's written by Lee to Grant.  Click here.

Go to the Smithsonian Civil War Timeline and answer the questions:

1.  Several events took place to help Union forces win the war.  One started with a mistake by U.S. Grant in which he lost thousands of soldiers in 20 minutes, but resulted in the last battle that Lee could win.  Go to the Timeline, for June 1-3, 1864, and describe what happened to the 7,000 men killed.

2.  What happened during July of 1864.  The Timeline describes several events in the war.  List them.

3. Looking for Sept., 1864, what great southern city is captured?  Who was the Union General?

4.  In Oct. of 1864, another great battle was won by Union forces.  What valley did it occur, and who was the general in-charge?

5.  Nov. of 1864, was election year for President.  Which candidate won a second term, and who did he defeat?

6.  Dec. of 1864, a large Confederate was destroyed in Tennessee.  Who were the generals of both sides of this important battle?

7. March 25, 1865, was bad for Confederate forces and it's government.  What city did they lose after the battle of Petersburg?   Who were the generals?

8. April 4, 1865, President Lincoln and his son take a tour of this southern city, and the President actually enters an important building and sits at a desk.  Where was the city, and what desk did the Union President sit?

9.  April 9, 1865, Robert E. Lee would surrender to U.S. Grant.  This represented the end of the war.  Where did this surrender occur? 

How did Union soldiers treat the defeated Confederates?  Lee responded to Grant (after reading the gentlemen's agreement on surrender terms), "This will have a very happy effect on my army."  What did Lee mean, when he said this?  Go here for answers.

10.  April 14, 1865, would have great happenings including the raising of the stars and stripes at what fort?   What play was running at Ford Theatre, and who would be guests of the play on the 14th?  Read the Wikepedia article for details.

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