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Lincoln and the Founding Fathers

"Signing of the Declaration of Independence" Painting by John Trumbull

       Before we consider what President Lincoln thought about the first man that was President, George Washington, we will consider "all" the original Founding Fathers of our country.

Answer these Challenge Questions to learn just who the Founding Fathers were:


1.  Name the main original Founding Fathers of the United States.


2.  Why are these men called our "Founding Fathers?"  What did they do of great importance in founding our country?  


3.  What great American documents were written by the Founding Fathers? 

Abraham Lincoln and Leadership of our Nation

4.   His childhood and learning  &   Leadership centering on  "rights of the individual" 

5.  (Click Here scroll to the bottom of the site for reference links) and read the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address. 

Answer these Challenge Questions about these documents.  One was written and signed by the Founding Fathers in 1776.   The other was given as a speech and written by President Lincoln.

6.  The second paragraph of the Declaration talks about "people or men."  This paragraph, in particular describes how our people of the future United States of America were to be treated.  Tell in your own words what this second paragraph means.  How has our country done in it's history, in making these ideas work?

7.  Lincoln's Gettysburg Address has ten sentences.  For the "Founding Father's" section of our activity, re-read first of all, the first sentence.  How old was our country when Lincoln gave this speech?  He mentions our fathers.  Who were these men?  What big idea did these men have that related to the great Civil War ongoing during the time of the Gettysburg Military Cemetery dedication?  What was the war doing to the nation? 

8.  Now re-read the last (long) paragraph.  Why did Lincoln ask that the nation need a new birth of freedom?   What was the big problem with our country, besides the horrible on-going war?  With this last long sentence what has he now switched the purpose of the war (from preserving the unity of the nation) to what?

Personal Opinion Opportunity:

9.  Lincoln made several people angry with the way he handled the Civil War:  taking away personal rights for security reasons, sometimes ha

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